Where it all began. (the beginning of the movement)Lloyd Zeigler


The idea for Master's Commission was birthed while two men, Carmen Balsamo and Larry Kerychuck, were at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting Phoenix, Arizona.  Larry was speaking a message entitled, "Who's Your Hero?" and after that meeting they had a conversation with the brother of a Mormon missionary.  This young man told Carmen and Larry that his brother was his hero because of his commitment to his beliefs.  This young man had converted to the Mormon faith and forfeited a college scholarship to fulfill his 2 year Mormon mission in a rural part of America.  The young man expressed how impressed he was with the commitment of the Mormon people to their religion and asked why Christians were not as committed.


As they walked away from that conversation, these two men desired to find a way for young, Christian men and women to give one-year of their life in service to God.  They decided that they would first personally take that time frame and dedicate themselves to scripture memory, Biblical studies, outreach, witnessing and accountability to each other.  They found, after that one-year period, their personal and Spiritual development was astounding and Carmen decided to offer an opportunity for others to be involved.  Francis Graves, wife of church missions overseer Charlie Graves, was a great woman of prayer and came up with the name "Master's Commission".  The initial group was 12 members and met daily at the campus of the Phoenix First Assembly of God Church in 1984.  Tragically, in the early stages of Master's Commission, Carmen Balsamo died from a sudden heart attack.  Phoenix First Senior Pastor Tommy Barnett then introduced Pastor Lloyd Zeigler as the man to develop the program; Master's Commission has exploded throughout his tenure.


Pastor Lloyd Zeigler transformed this concept from a single 12 member meeting into the nation's leading discipleship program with over 100 affiliated programs worldwide.  He also developed the Master's Commission International Network (MCIN) in 1995 whose purpose was to assist the development of other Master's Commission programs nationally and internationally.  Pastor Zeigler currently still oversees and directs his own Master's Commission program, the MCIN, and is the Lead Pastor of Relevant Church in the North Dallas, Texas area.